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The "Skyptrovamon"

Aerofotografisis system and production of remote sensing data

As the eagle of Zeus, so the drone of Silva-Natura can autonomously and tries to capture valuable remote sensing data that we have the ability to exploit both during mapping and analysis of a region to produce safe fotoermineftikon data, providing us directly editable information.

The “Skyptrovamon” was designed and developed by the partners of our firm headed by Dimitrios Stefanakis with unique features and equipment that meet the specific requirements of forest cartography and photointerpretation in the characterization of land for the needs of a modern office.

The aerial platform built entirely from composite materials like carbon fiber and aluminum air.The full load does not exceed 2 pounds and has 4 cameras that provide the ability to make decision-dimensional landscape, high resolution (1-5cm. On the ground) fotolipsia visible spectrum and of course the infrared spectrum is necessary in the classification and monitoringspecies and plant health.

Other equipment including the 16 sensors such as humidity, wind speed temperature, barometric pressure, magnetometers completing a full picture on climate change, including information about the texture of the soil of the area and content in the plants available for water.

The advantages of the new strain of the company are:


UAV Remote Sensing Platform


Technical Characteristics