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SILVA - NATURA represents a former partnership with the same name, started in 2000 and was built upon the Personal Office of Dr. Eleftherios Stamatopoulos, already obtaining years of experience in the fields of forest management, Environmental Protection, forest maps under the National Lands of Development Studies of mountain tourism, sustainable management of wildlife and water management.

The company's long history is characterized by flexible adaptation to the evolving demands of national and international markets, with major regard to the excellent response to the specific characteristics and needs of the private and the public domain.

Over the last five years, the development of Renewable Energy Resources and the need to develop specialized studies of environmental management and the Forest mapping for the National Cadastral Agency has enabled the development of specific partnerships, resulting to the company’s accumulated experience in these fields.

The renewed form of SILVA - NATURA is able to use the scientific knowledge and the extensive experience in consulting and interactive nature services, with primary objects forest and environmental management.