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The company's permanent partners are:

Dr. Eleftherios Stamatopoulos (Forester - Environmentalist)

Experienced in ecosystem management and aerial photography interpretation


M.Sc Nikos Liosis (Forest Technologist)

Specialized in GIS and mapping


M.Sc Dimitris Stefanakis (Agronomist – Environmentalist) Skilled in Landscape Architecture, sampling, GIS and mapping


Theodoros Raptis (Forester - Environmentalist)

Skilled in organization and reception of sampling spatial data.


Alberto Mpatzaki (Forester - Environmentalist)

Specialised in Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Protection


M. Sc Marietta Balta (Forest Technologist)

Specialized in Landscape Architecture and planting configurations


Chris Zakkas (Forest Technologist specialized on sampling)


Panagiota Serra (Forest Technologist)