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Corporeal And Technical Infrastructure

Complementing the scientific knowledge of human resources and extensive experience, and a full recovery, SILVA - NATURA have all the Corporeal And Technical Infrastructure required to provide the highest level of the services offered.

Existing Computerized and telecommunications infrastructure equipment (hardware) and specialized software (software) allows the accomplishment of all the tasks required to support the integrated project studies of the operational units of the company.


In particular, we dispose:

Full ARC-INFO (GIS) with Digitizer, which can be used in any form for any mapping task.

Full system for utilising any kind of information (digital or analog, aerial or satellite image or map in any coordinate system) and import it in GIS.

Complete system for processing information from various primary sources, with the possibility of transferring them to a common coordinate system and further use them for creating all kinds of maps (digital and / or analog), diagrams and drawings

The maps are created by digital processing after the most recent aerial photographs and orthophotomaps

Full system for creating geographic databases, to implement decision support applications (Decision Making Support) and interfacing with external databases, to create autonomous implementations (eg Cadastral Applications)

Full system INTERGRAFT for stereoscopic observation and performance threshold, and the processing of satellite image

Application Software of processing Forest Management, Torrent and Forest Roads studies.

Full application environment for graphic analysis

Full secretarial and logistic application environment.


All these software applications run in high-speed local area network (LAN, which is connected to both of the company's workstations (personal computers and Graphics Workstations), so as the peripherals of the company, which include:

Color Plotter A0 (HP 1050)

Digitizer, full digitalization system (ALTEK 950)

Photocopying (Develop 1502 C225), and

Global Positioning System location (GPS) - (model Garmin e-map)


In addition, the logistics company's supplement Forestry and specialized institutions, such as:

Two (2) relascopes with mirror

Two (2) elevators HAGA

A stereoscope for observing aerial photographies

Digital cameras and complete systems for digital photo and image editing

A light table